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Clients Say ...

"What would I do without The Organizing Architect!  Annette Brock and her team of specialists have taken care of more than one move for our family.  Each time it was handled with amazing speed and structure.  They were very careful with making sure things were where we wanted them and taking into consideration how our family of 6 lives.  I could have taken a vacation while they packed and unpacked our things and come home to a perfectly decorated home with the pictures hung, dishes away and the beds made. She is amazing, and we aren't done with her yet!  One more final move for our family, but I am looking forward to working with Annette again.  She has the best ideas whether the job is just organizing your desk, the garage or your entire home.  Thank so much, Annette!"

Wendy & Bryan Turner

"I was delighted by the service I received from Annette and her staff. They helped make my move and retrieval from storage as painless as possible.  They were particularly good at helping set up my new home, turning a place that would have been full of mysterious unwanted boxes into somewhere I could live easily.  I recommend them highly."

Kevin Curran, Co-Executive Producer "The Simpsons"

"I have been using Annette Brock’s company, The Organizing Architect, for approximately 6 years.  I have utilized them to organize and oversee a wide range of projects including multiple personal moves, my families' homes, the offices of our  business, as well as overseeing the inventorying of business acquisitions and increasing office efficiency. Annette’s company has consistently delivered an outstanding job, allowing me to continue my work without interruption, while complicated and sensitive tasks were accomplished.  In  addition, she has always been extremely responsive to my needs even when last minute issues have arisen.  I trust Annette and her staff implicitly to handle my personal and business affairs.  I would recommend this company to anyone seeking to improve their personal or business lives through greater organization or to oversee a move."

Bob Levine, owner BOB GAIL Special Events

"Last year I was faced with an extremely complicated move.  Our house had sold within one week and we had a very short escrow.  The house we were remodeling was not yet habitable.  My husband had to be away on business for nearly a month.  I had to find a temporary place to live.  I didn’t know where to begin.  I was overwhelmed. 
Then I found Annette.  
Annette and her staff organized our belongings from the house and garage and outdoors for their five new destinations: the new apartment; a friend’s home (our wonderful pots and plants that we couldn’t leave behind); the not-yet-ready new home (all the outdoor patio furniture); temporary storage facilities; and donations to charitable organizations. 
Annette found the mover.  The day of the actual physical move, a Thursday, she and her staff  organized the new apartment with such speed and efficiency that by the time my daughter and I arrived with our three cats mid-morning, we could actually function in it.  Annette had been to the apartment with me when it was empty, and now she directed the movers to place all the furniture in each room exactly where she and I had envisioned it.
Annette and her staff worked over the weekend. Closets were filled with beautifully folded linens.  Clothing was organized and hung in the wardrobes.  Books, CDs, DVDs, photo albums, decorative pieces, electronic equipment, she found places for them all – or made places, by turning once-empty closets into efficient storage spaces with shelves and baskets.
My husband arrived on Monday.  He’d had no idea what the month had been like.  He did know that the apartment was already a home.
One of our cats, completely asocial for all of his ten years, fell in love with one of the incredible young women on Annette’s staff and followed her around all day.  He is no longer shy and I know he’s waiting for her to return. Which will be soon – for we will be moving into the newly remodeled house this summer, with Annette at the helm, of course."

Patricia C., Los Angeles

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